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Paramus Spartans SC offer several supplemental training programs during the year.  Club staff provide training services for the following programs at no cost to current club members: 

1.  GOALIE TRAINING.  This program focuses on existing Paramus Spartan SC team goalies and other interested players currently in our programs.  Interested player will need to coordinate their attendance through their team head coach.

2.  FINISHING TRAINING (Ball Striking and Scoring).  This program focuses on a player's ability to strike the ball and shooting on goal and will develop the overall player confidence, skill and creativity on the offensive side on the game.  The main areas that will be focused on are as follows:

A. Proper ball strike
B. Striking with power
C. Finishing with both feet
D. Shooting accuracy

3.  CONDITIONING TRAINING (Speed and Agility).  This program is focused on improving player's speed, quickness, and agility.  The main areas that be focused on are as follows:

A.  Speed to outrun others
B.  Quickness to breakaway from opponents
C.  Endurance to play at a higher level for the entire game
D.  Agility to make changes in direction and create space