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The Paramus Spartans Soccer Club is a non-profit 501(c) established for the specific purpose of developing youth soccer in the Borough of Paramus. Our club is an organization of volunteers dedicated to the continued promotion of organized soccer and sportsmanship. Paramus Spartans SC shall support teams that perform in highly competitive environments allow young players to develop and improve their soccer skills.

Our Club Executive Board:

Lou Hegyi, President
Carmine Ferrara, Board Member
Victor Cortes, Board Member
Bill Moffitt, Board Member

League Administrators:

Lou Hegyi, President
Bill Moffitt, Representative
Carmine Ferrara, Alternate

Program Coordinator:

Lou Hegyi, Program Coordinator

Bill Moffitt, Webmaster & Social Media

Our Mission:

We aspire to create a developmental program that will provide each player with valuable learning experiences, opportunities to improve their soccer skills while at the same time progressing up through increasing higher levels of play. Paramus Spartans SC will support these principles by providing thoroughly structured training and practice sessions and competing at the highest age-appropriate level possible. Goals for our players will include the following:

A professional attitude towards training and competing

Sense of self-motivation, confidence and desire

A well-balanced skill set allowing for comfortable play in all situations

Technical proficiency under game pressure

Creativity when in possession of the ball

An excellent understanding of the tactical game and developed decision making abilities

Knowledge and experience in different positions, player roles and responsibilities

An appreciation of teamwork on an off the soccer pitch