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Competitive Travel U9-U14

COMPETITIVE TRAVEL U8-U14 is program that provides all components of competitive youth soccer for boys and girls in an environment that promotes excellence, sportsmanship, self-confidence, and respect to ensure that each player achieves their soccer goals, realizes their full soccer potential and fall in love with the game of soccer. This competitive travel program consists of varying levels of play for the young athlete increasing in level of play, level of competition, and level of commitment required.


SSC seeks to field a sufficient number of competitive teams to provide age and skill appropriate opportunities for players wanting to advance their skill, knowledge, and passion for the game of soccer. In addition to the fall and spring seasons, SSC will provide our players with opportunities for skills sessions, camps, and tournaments throughout the year.


This COMPETITIVE TRAVEL program is designed for the motivated and dedicated player looking for a higher level of play and competition. Players in this program will be exposed to more training than at the recreational level, and to games against higher level competition through Northern Counties Soccer Association league play. Teams are comprised of players of similar ability and commitment, and will remain together through one year. Tryouts may be held in order to make these teams. It is important to note that the this program requires a higher level of commitment and participation. Travel is required, usually within a 75 mile radius of Paramus, New Jersey.


Up to three teams are formed for each age group. U9-U14 teams, a target maximum of 12 players may be rostered per team and U11-U12 teams, a maximum of 14 players may be rostered per team.  Players will be rostered by ability onto an "A" team (Blue team), "B" team (White team), or "C" team (Grey team).  All U9 - U10 teams will play 7v7 on a small-sided field and compete in the Northern Counties Soccer Association (NCSA) league or another competitive league.  All U11-U12 teams will play 9v9 on a small sided field and complete in the Northern Counties Soccer Association (NCSA) league or another competitive league.  Boys' NCSA games are played on Saturdays in Fall and Sundays in Spring.  Girls' NCSA games are played on Sundays in the fall and spring.


  • Fall and Spring:  The fall season typically starts late August and ends mid-November, and the spring season starts mid-March through mid-June.  Structured 75-90-minute practices are held twice per week.  

  • Winter:  Option practices are held twice per week at our indoor turf facility starting, generally, in the first week of January through mid-March.  Each winter practice is one hour in duration (subject to change).

  • Tournaments:  Participation in two tournaments per soccer year is optional for all U9 to U14 teams, although many team choose to compete in more.

Questions can be emailed to Lou Hegyi at: [email protected]