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ALL FREEDOM DIVISION HONORS.  Awards bestowed by the Big North Conference (website: click here)

2016 (click here)
Kaitlyn Scrivanich: 2nd Team - Forward
Shleby Breen: 2nd Team - Midfielder
Keri Ferrara: 2nd Team - Back
Samantha Settecasi: Honorable Mention

2015 (click here)
Nicole DiPasquale: 1st Team - Goalkeeper
Lorraine Moffitt: 2nd Team - Back
Julia Koenemund: 2nd Team - Midfielder
Shelby Breen: 2nd Team - Midfielder
Kaitlyn Scrivanich: 2nd Team - Forward
Nikki Remschal: Honorable Mention - Back

2014 (click here)
Katie Weiss: 2nd Team
Lorraine Moffitt: 2nd Team
Kerri Ferrara: 2nd Team
Shelby Breen: Honorable Mention

2013 (click here)
Noel Hodgins: 2nd Team - Midfielder
Kelsey Settecasi: 2nd Team - Forward
Katie Weiss: 2nd Team - Midfielder
Erica McCausland: 2nd Team - Defender
Nicole DiPasquale: 2nd Team - Goalkeeper
Ariella Audi: Honorable Mention

2012 (click here)
Sarah Cortes: 1st Team - Forward
Noel Hodgins: 1st Team - Forward
Nicole DiPasquale: 2nd Team - Goalkeeper
Stephanie Pallotto: Honorable Mention
Katie Weis: Honorable Mention

2011 (click here)
Sarah Cortes: 1st Team - Forward
Lauren Fiorino: 1st Team - Midfielder
Noelle Mattesich: 1st Team - Defender
Lauren Forenzo: 1st Team - Goalkeeper
Alyssa Poplaski: 2nd Team - Forward
Noel Hodgins: 2nd Team - Forward
Kelsey Settecasi: 2nd Team - Midfielder
Jenna Sula: 2nd Team - Defender
Veronica Steele: Honorable Mention
Glenn Haug: Coach of the Year


2010 (click here)
Sarah Cortes:
1st Team - Forward
Stephanie Hallihan: 1st Team - Midfielder
Megan Lannigan: 1st Team - Midfielder
Kristina Meier: 1st Team - Defender
Ashley Roessler: 1st Team - Defender
Alexandra Garey: 1st Team - Goalkeeper
Alyssa Poplaski: 2nd Team - Forward
Noel Hodgins: 2nd Team - Forward
Lauren Fiorino: 2nd Team - Midfielder
Shauna Brock: 2nd Team - Defender
Victor DiPasquale: Coach of the Year