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The PARAMUS SPARTANS SC is committed to soccer player development from 3 year olds to 8 year olds and on offering three (3) soccer programs allowing individual players to progress and develop.

The following is our mission philosophy:

1. SMILING KIDS: This is not a high intensity professional training session, it is a bunch of kids working on simple skills. If they enjoy it, they will want to come back next week. This does not mean we will let everyone goof off and just run crazy but we do want to have fun.

2. DEVELOP A SENSE OF TEAMWORK: This is a wonderful life lesson that children need to be taught at a young age. Our coaching staff will encourage players to share the ball and work together.

3. MAKE FRIENDS: We encourage bonding between players, coaches and families.

4. DEVELOP BASIC SOCCER SKILLS: Most players have just started playing soccer. We feel that players will develop by continuing to touch the ball and by keeping active in small groups. No one wants to stand in long lines waiting to do something - they just want to do. The main skills we will be developing are dribbling, passing, receiving, striking, and positioning.

Our program progression is as follows:

SPARTAN KINDERS is a program designed for young children from 3 years to 5 years of age. Through the use of fun and games, exercise is naturally incorporated to increase the physical activity of each player as they begin to explore their own capabilities. All sessions focus on developing motor skills, promoting physical fitness, encouraging team spirit, instilling self-confidence, and having fun.

SPARTAN JUNIORS is a soccer program that prepares players, from ages 6 years to 8 years of age, for competing in a travel soccer league. Our goal is to develop players through a mixture of individual drills, training, games, and small sided scrimmages. All sessions focus on the continued development of motor skills, acquisition of basic soccer skills, physical fitness, teamwork, instilling self motivation and confidence. Our program creates a comfortable, low stress environment for players to develop.

COMPETITIVE TRAVEL U9-U14 is program that provides all components of competitive youth soccer for boys and girls in an environment that promotes excellence, sportsmanship, self-confidence, and respect to ensure that each player achieves their soccer goals, realizes their full soccer potential and fall in love with the game of soccer. This competitive travel program consists of varying levels of play for the young athlete increasing in level of play, level of competition, and level of commitment required.